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Piggy in the Mirror

Piggy in the mirror

It fades so I see clearer

Open eyes, perceiving nothing

Nothing but the worst of luck


Piggy in the mirror

Wishing may seem nearer

Sealed-up hearts, believing no-one

No-one but their sacred selves


Piggy in the mirror

Nothing else but queerer

What lurks beneath the calm exterior

We may never know


Piggy in the mirror

Naught but brutal error

Listen to the outcasts

And all they do not show…


Piggy in the mirror

Smash the battered glass

Scratch it in a spiderweb

And break it all in halves


Piggy in the mirror

Oh, tell me what you see

A distorted view; you’re not whole

Taking other different paths


Even as we deny it

We deny only for ourselves

For the Piggy in the Mirror

Hiding in everybody else.

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