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Come, little children The time’s come to play To ride on the water-horse To ride far away…   Come, little children I’ll drag you down deep Silently screaming Into an eternal sleep.

Winter’s Kiss

Winter’s kiss a whisper in the mist a gently frosted innocence…   Winter’s kiss The wind is your embrace Winter’s kiss Softly sparkling silver lips   Winter’s kiss a fleeting, floating feeling of wishing, wasting, wanting… The moment slips away before too long The forever now long-gone Evanescence of a winter’s kiss.

Faerie Hill

Stillborn, moonshine Don’t look back Soft and silent Buried underground   Gentle, starlight Say goodnight   Lost and all alone…   Faeries gather all around Never a house but forever a home Deep within the faerie hill…


Biting wishes into apples A time of balance has arrived Drinking cakes and ale beneath a gently darkening cloud-laced sky…   It is the equinox of the autumn The harmonious Sabbat of Mabon While with friends or in solitude Nights to come will seem so beautifully long.

World Within a World

Eyes softly open Surrounded by trees gentle birdsongs.   My heart sings along to the rhythm of nature Walking feet play the beat   Secluded swing Hidden from view Lost to time amidst brambles and ivy covering the earthen floor.   Unseen beauty hangs deep in this calming place a world inside a world leads […]

Storm Asunder

Left asunder by the storm I pick up the broken parts To rebuild again Is my only hope; only chance for survival.   I feel the magick in the air My fingertips tingle as I Step on wood, dampened by rain…   Cold, wet leaves upon the ground Winds whisper softly as I come to […]


Soft Sweet Melancholy silence Letting me realize No impressions of sound Final quiet Before the storm Brews near   Gentle faerie music Hear their songs sung on the wind totum omnia as everything falls silent again.

Labyrinth Lost

In the soft fluttering whispering wind of the night The tree branches unfurl and begin to sing Rosebuds of crimson thought fall from the sky like rain The stars above in the navy-black sky Swirl round and round… Winged wood-elves Leading you into a labyrinth lost and growing you over with branches and moss.

Lughnasadh Eve

Celtic god of light and sun Arises in the East Harvesting apples, corn, and grain To make a Lammas feast   The darker days of winter beckon at last and the warmer days of Midsummer have gently gone and past the Earth has given up her bountiful harvests On the eve of Lughnasadh we shall […]

Heartbeat of the Earth

In a butterfly’s winged whisper¬†I found A heartbeat deep inside¬†the ground I think it was the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the howl of wolves on an opulent night Singing to the lunar light I swear I sensed the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the glint of the sun In the light of […]