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Faerie Trance

Alone I wandered

to the woodlands one night

Drawn in by a lilting faerie tune


Softly and silently

I drew near

in the hope that they would grant me a boon


Unbeknownst to me

in one step times three

I stepped inside a faerie ring


I was caught in a trap

of music and dance

and other faerie things


The veil between the worlds was thin

akin to a cloak of spider’s silk

So I tumbled headfirst into the faerie realm

and was lost in a world of another kin


Never in lifeĀ to return was I

Tho’ they searched far

and they searched nigh


Ensnared in the realm

of faeries I was

as they stealthily seized my helm


“Come with us! Come play! It shan’t take a day!

‘Tis all in fun!” the wild faeries cry

I let go of all worries and fear

and join the fae in forever play


So if you happen to be caught in a faerie trance

spun around and aroundĀ in their dizzying dance

They have taken you in, and will never set you free

and softly they will sing to thee…

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