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The drug that I have chosen to place a spotlight upon is ethoxyethane, more commonly referred to as ether. ┬áThis drug intrigued me because I have always had a rather profound interest in the customs and such of the Victorian era. I remember at some point at about ten or eleven years of age reading […]

The Underground Railway

In about 1840 to 1864, before the American Civil War, Upper Canada became a refuge for black Americans escaping slavery, mainly because slavery had been illegal there since the end of the 1700s. In all, about 30,000 slaves escaped to Canada with the help of the Underground Railway. The Underground Railway was a network of […]

Death in the Victorian Era

Modern society calls death prohibited, unmentionable…taboo.Society has not always considered death to be a forbidden subject. Please bear in mind that the Victorians took death in the highest regard. Most families would rather go to the poorhouse than have a parish funeral for a deceased relative. The cemetery (Side note: graveyards must be within church […]