Summer 2013 in Berlin – Daddy and Daughters

Summer in Berlin is just so nice. Endless coffees, beers, drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners on the streets… Fixing the bikes and then bikeriding through the city, its parks and forests. Pizza from Berlin’s favorite and most delicious gay minipizza on the Massenstrasse. Ice cream next door. Then dinner at Maibach’s across the street. Yasmina enjoying a drink. Strolling along Goltzstrasse, the cafes and the craft store. That’s summer in Berlin…

… Daddy hasn’t shaved for a few days–as usual. Yasmina is writing and posting poetry on her blog (… Then, checking out the animals at the Berlin Zoo. Life is good.

And then Zara and Safiya enjoying Thai food near Winterfeldplatz. Later we head to Gartow for the family wedding. Luckily we can meet almost the entire extended family at this fairy-tale wedding. Yasmina and Zara babysit their three young cousins during the late night wedding events.

Far too soon, it is time to leave again. Another couple of days in Berlin, and then it is already time to leave… until next year or whenever…

Pacific Sands – January 2013

Happy New Year from Pacific Sands in Tofino, BC!

Climbing over rocks, finding sanddollars on the beach, listening to the crushing waves, walking along the wide and long beach, cooking spaghetti, sleeping late, hiking in the rainforest, eating seafood overlooking Clayoquot Sound, getting lost on the rocks, …

… doing gymnastics on icy logs on the beach, roasting marshmallows in the microwave, watching romantic comedies, doing math homework, writing in the diary, breeding frogs on the iPad, updating Facebook, looking at crushing waves, listening to Magnetic Symphony, planning the next vacations, writing poetry

Canadian Thanksgiving on Saltspring Island

We just came back to Vancouver from a wonderful weekend: Canadian Thanksgiving on Saltspring Island. We were incredibly lucky with beautifully sunny weather. Aging hippies at the Farmers’ Market, sleeping in an aging cottage by St. Mary’s Lake, beautiful views across to Galiano Island and Vancouver Island, and math homework… lunch in the Treehouse, a beautiful ferry ride back to Vancouver, and much more.

Zara’s favorites were the starfish. Color-coordinated with her pink and purple dress. How long does it take for a starfish to turn him/herself from the back upside down??? Less time than you may think!

And here is the link to the full set of pictures…

The Calm After the Storm

A 5.8-scale earthquake on Tuesday made Washington feel a little bit like Manila or Jakarta. Luckily, there was no serious damage. But since nobody expects an earthquake in this part of the world, anxiety ran high. Later in the week, we were warned of huricane Irene, which was on an unsual path all along the eastern seaboard with Washington and New York on its path. In the end, the huricane missed Washington by quite some distance, and we experienced an evening of heavy raisn but nothing worse than that. The day after the storm was a nice, calm, warm Washington summer Sunday!

Climbing Mt Kinabalu – Malaysia

Finally, we managed to climb up to the top of Mt Kinabalu. We had been to the Park Headquarters a few times before but never actually climbed up Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain. It was hard work but definitely worth it. Click here and have a look at the pictures from our trip. Within the three days in the Park, we had beautiful sunshine and fantastic views as well as torrential downpours. The hike really isn’t that long (18km up and down in total), but the slope and the altitude make it pretty hard. It is just amazing how hard even a few steps up a rock are at 4,000m above sea level. Well, we made it in the end!